Study Visa

Study Visa

Broadly, a person who is not a New Zealand or Australian Citizen or a holder of Residence class visa or equivalent should obtain Student visa* in order to undertake study or training.


Admission Counselling: First of all we help you shortlist institutes that match your career ambitions and are suited to your profile. The admission process is quite extensive and various options are carefully explored. Once you have enrolled with us we will overtake all your worries. From choosing the suitable institute and course, to taking care of your entire application process. We may help you in arranging suitable accommodation, airport picks-up etc in New Zealand and Australia.


Application Process: Once you have finalised an institution, you will fill in an application form and submit it, along with your academics such as educational qualifications along with detail mark sheets, one or more letters of recommendation from former teachers or employers, statement of purpose, personal essays, financial affidavits. We may also help you in assessing your qualifications by overseas qualification authorities, this may result in waiver of a few papers and hence resulting in saving time and tuition fees.


Why Choose Us: We are Licensed Immigration Advisers. Our knowledge of immigration is vast as compared to regular education agents who do not have any formal qualification. If you are not eligible for study visa, we can explore more options to send you overseas, like you may be eligible for Work Visa, Business Visa, Investor Visa, Residence Class Visa etc.


The process involves:


Eligibility test

Application analysis for Evidences required

Enrolment in Overseas schools, colleges or universities

Visa Application Process