‘Immigration Law Experts (ILE)’ is an independent immigration advisory service that provides immigration advice to individuals, families and businesses. The company offers service for all New Zealand visa types. ILE services include


Immigration advice for all visa types like visitor, work, residence

Education services for international students

Appeals and requests, deportation, special directions, character/medical waiver

Overseas individual and family relocation

Corporate cases relating to employer/employee sponsorship


Based in Auckland, ILE ensures its clients are given the most up to dated information concerning immigration and visa policies. ILE’s internal case working processes are designed to eliminate legislative ambiguity and human error from the visa application process. ILE works closely with its clients and strives 100% results. The online ‘Track your Visa’ system enables applicants to track progress of their visas online. From first consultation to until visa is stamped on passport, ILE team ensures the process of migration is smooth, comfortable and without any stress.


Vineet Talwar
Licence No: 201600132