About Vineet

Welcome to Immigration Law Experts (ILE)! My name is Vineet and I am the Director of ILE. I along with my team are always ready to help you with any Immigration Issue, especially with complex immigration issues.


Academically, I have always been among top rankers. I ranked 77 in Degree Entrance Exams in 1994. I completed my Graduation in Textiles in 1998. Thereafter I completed PGDipBUS from University of Auckland in 2010 with excellent grades. Lately, I enrolled in GCNZIA to become a Licensed Immigration Adviser.


Professionally, I have worked in Manufacturing industry for almost 15 years. I encountered Import-Export, Production, maintenance, Accounting, Quality control, Buying/Selling, Engineering, Marketing, Administration etc during this period. I have also successfully run an Education Business for more than 6 years. The experience that I gained during previous ventures helps me understand your unique situation and guide you successfully through immigration process.







Congratulations Gurwinder for securing Essential Skills Work Visa as a Truck Driver.
Gurwinder Singh