About Vineet

Welcome to Immigration Law Experts (ILE)! My name is Vineet and I am the Director of ILE. I along with my team are always ready to help you with any Immigration Issue, especially with complex immigration issues.


Academically, I have always been among top rankers. I ranked 77 in Degree Entrance Exams in 1994. I completed my Graduation in Textiles in 1998. Thereafter I completed PGDipBUS from University of Auckland in 2010 with excellent grades. Lately, I enrolled in GCNZIA to become a Licensed Immigration Adviser.


Professionally, I have worked in Manufacturing industry for almost 15 years. I encountered Import-Export, Production, maintenance, Accounting, Quality control, Buying/Selling, Engineering, Marketing, Administration etc during this period. I have also successfully run an Education Business for more than 6 years. The experience that I gained during previous ventures helps me understand your unique situation and guide you successfully through immigration process.







Kuldeep became unlawful after his student visa was declined as he fell short of attendance. ILE applied for his student visa under section 61 request and his visa application was approved.
Kuldeep Singh